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40D Round System

Our newest system is really neat. One of the past limitations of all profile systems is there was not much available to construct anything other than right angle connections. Not any longer! Now you can connect profiles at odd or adjustable angle in clever and robust ways.

40D round program consists of one main structural profile and several accessory ones.

Additionally many of the more common products – rotate sections for example – are pre configured and ready to bolt on. IMAGINE HAVING A SENSOR OR A PRINT HEAD MOUNT ASSEMBLED AND MOUNTED 5 MIN AFTER OPENING THE SHIPPING BOX!

Better yet, it is super adjustable. When you are done it tightens to an incredibly solid, robust mount.

Features - 40D Round System 

  • 4th generation design to the 40D round system. Even more odd angle connection options
  • Super Modular
  • Multiple Connect Options
  • Pinch Connect for 90 degree Connections
  • Seamless Compatibility with all 40m Forum Profile Systems
  • Robust Design
  • Off the Shelf Component Solution to Custom Application
  • Internal Wire Routing

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