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Profile System

Our profile system has evolved over the years into a true 3rd generation design. We have focused on how machine builders really develop equipment and tailored our system to address what is important to them – on a day in and day out basis.

Features - Profile System

  • 3rd generation design system - single connection system. More odd angle connection options.
  • 32mm profile system - Massively stronger than competing 25 or 30 mm systems. Allows use of common hardware with 40mm system. Face it -ordering the wrong fasteners is far more hassle than the fastener cost. Only our system lets you use any connector on any profile. Truly modular with less mis orders or left over hardware.
44034 and 44040

Profile System – 32mm & 40mm

Profiles - Only A LEX offers truly interchangeable systems 40mm has emerged over the years as the industry standard

  • 32mm is massively stronger than 25 or 30 mm systems.
  • 32mm allows the use of common connection hardware with 40 mm system.
  • 40 mm system use HD T slot lips on all shapes= Increased stiffness and less gussets.
  • Our 40 D round system is an industry exclusive and fully compatible.
  • 40 D round profile is super versatile – allows odd angle and adjustable connections.
  • Our 60 and 140 series conveyor system are also industry exclusives.
  • They are both completely compatible with the rest of the a lex system.
A LEX Hardware


Many more design subtleties reflect 3rd generation improvements

  • Only A Lex offers T slot nuts with or with captive rubber balls in Inch and metric threads.
  • Lift off hinge are 30% stronger than our competitors.
  • Hinge washers are retained – so they won’t fall off.
  • Our fastening sets are handy and eliminate tedious selection decisions.
  • All our latches work right out of the box- no spacers required.
  • Models for framed, unframed, hinged or sliding doors.
  • Our magnetic door latches are made from solid aluminum, not wimpy plastic.
  • All is designed to work with all profile – both 32mm & 40mm systems.
  • Only Alex panel multi blocks will work on both 32 mm & 40mm system.

Our Basic Profiles

44238 40D Round



40D Round

44744 60 Series Conv Sidewall



60 Series Conv Sidewall

44692 140 Series Conv Sidewall



32mm x 64mm

44233 40mm - 45 deg



40mm - 45 deg

44230 32mm - 45 deg



32mm - 45 deg

44124 40mm x 120mm



40mm x 120mm

44088 80mm x 80mm



80mm x 80mm

44084 40mm x 80mm



40mm x 80mm

44040 40mm x 40mm



40mm x 40mm

44036 32mm Light-Corner



32mm Light-Corner

44034 32mm x 32mm



32mm x 32mm

44032 32mm Corner



32mm Corner

 Click here for application photos of basic profiles 

Only the A LEX 3rd generation design profile system lets the builder enjoy these benefits -

  • Less design/BOM requirements.
  • Increased ease of construction.
  • Less use of strengthening gussets.
  • Sleeker, more refined look.
  • Less custom brackets required.
  • Less ordering mistakes.
  • Easier to reconfigure.
  • Easier to reuse components.

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